The Best Firefighter Academy Graduation or Christmas Gifts


FirePlier   Tools have the following features:

--> Pocket Spanner Wrench <--

--> Gas Shut off <--

--> Hydrant Wrench/Tool Shut off (mod 2) <--

--> 10” Slip Groove Pliers w/curved jaws <--

-->(curved jaws give better bite on rounded objects) <--

-->#1 Phillips Screwdriver <--

-->#2 Phillips Screwdriver <--

--> 1/4” Standard Screwdriver <--

--> 3/16” Standard Screwdriver <--

--> 1/4” Nut Driver (Great for Residential Access Panels) <--

--> 5/16” Nut Driver (Great for Commercial Access Panels) <--

--> Glass Breaking <--

--> Striking Tool <--

- If you carry one tool -

!!! Make it a FirePlier    Tool !!!

- Click Images for More Information -

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** Custom Made**

1  or 2....   $6 us
3 - 10 ... $12 us

Contact For Cost

FirePlier Mod 1


Thank you for your interest in one of our Custom Made tools. 

Why carry all these tools in your pockets?

When you can do the job with just one!!!
Next, a little about me and a little about our history:
I'm a Retired Truck Captain from the City of Vallejo California Fire Department.   I’m know for finding solutions using little to no resources.  This has led some to call me MikeGyver:-)
It did not take much time as a firefighter to notice that firefighters were weighing down their turnout coats with pounds of tools.  I too was in search of the best tool or tools to carry in my turnout pockets.  I tried many different multi tools, but found them all to be too limited in one way or another.  
Initially  I invented FirePlier Pocket tools as a solution for over stuffed turnout pockets and as a unique Christmas Gifts for my firefighters.  Others in my Department saw these tools and asked if I would make more.  Many suggested that I patent the tools.  So, after much research and contemplation, I decided to take the plunge.  I studied about Patents and began writing.  I soon realized that this undertaking was beyond my abilities.  I found an outstanding Patent Attorney, applied for an increase in my Line of Credit, then sent a ton of money to the Attorney.  The tools are now patented and I am selling them on here as well as on eBay. 

I have four models to benefit you:
Mod 1 is the first design and also the most widely used.  
Mod 2 is the second design I came up with and has the addition of a hydrant wrench.  The mod 2 fits most wet barrel hydrants.  
Mod 5 was the third tool I designed and it has a larger hydrant wrench tool and fits most dry barrel hydrants (used in areas where it freezes).  
Mod 4 was the fourth tool I introduced.  It is designed for hydrants with a 1” square hydrant stem.

1.2 ”

Fits 1.2 inch

Hydrant Stem


Most Universal (Engine and Truck Work)

Some say they are the latest and greatest firefighter tool!  CERT Team must have equipment!  Perfect Firefighter Gift.  Perfect Fire Accademy Gift.  FireFighter Father’s or Mother’s Day Gift.  Firefighter multitool.  Far better suited for a Firefighter than a Gerber or Leatherman Tool, Channellock Rescue Tool model 87 88 98.  American Made Firefighter Pliers, Firefighter multi tool with 1” square hydrant wrench spanner, Gas shut off tool.

Distributors Welcome. 

Purchasing from Pocket-Tool (C) is Safe, Easy and Secure.

I use PayPal and also accept payment by mail.


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FirePlier Mod 5


FirePlier Mod 4

with 1” square hydrant tool

FirePlier Mod 4


For the high county (snow)

FirePlier Mod 2


Low County (where it seldom snows ie. the West Coast)

No sacrificing size or ability!

Best Firefighter Fireman Tool

Call me with any questions....

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